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EDITORIAL by secretary of the CNA

Resilience, between 40s and 60s

If a line of business is not working at the desired pace, this is not necessarily linked to its own mechanisms. In the case of Algeria, hydrocarbons represent an axial area for the country’s foreign exchange receipts and when it is not…

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The Centralized Statistics Database (BDCS)

is a system whose main role is the collection of market figures, their consolidation and the provision of output statements, in the form of various statistics, reports and other documents. The data collected comes from insurance companies which periodically (per quarter and per year) supply the BDCS with their multiple figures (production, claims, etc.).

Operational since 2015, the first phase of the BDCS deals with “macro-data” on the basis of the outlines resulting from consultation with players in the insurance market. The second phase of the BDCS consists in moving towards “micro-data” and, ultimately, towards an information system for the national insurance market and thus constitute an efficient system of decision support.

Global data:

The national insurance market, all activities combined, totaled, on 31/03/2021, a production amounting to more than 43.5 billion DA, against 40.4 billion DA recorded at the same period of the year. previous year, an increase of 7.7%

35.5 %
Damage insurance

42.6 %
Personnal insurance
1.3 Bil

Statistics and Notes:

They relate to work, of a permanent or periodic nature, intended to produce the quantitative and qualitative elements necessary for the assessment of the activity of the sector. It includes work related to the monitoring and analysis of the economic situation in the insurance market.

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Study work

Call for papers Study Day
Decision support tools: case of the centralized statistics database (BDCS)
As part of the holding, in 2021, of a Study Day dedicated to decision-support tools in the national insurance market, among other cases, the Centralized Statistics Database (BDCS), the Secretariat Permanent of the National Insurance Council (CNA) launches a call for papers around the related concepts and lines of thought capable of enriching this meeting of professionals in the field.



Alongside the National Insurance Council (CNA), a space for consultation, reflection and debate on everything related to the field, the insurance sector in Algeria also brings together a number of players including insurance companies, insurance brokers and insurance experts ..