National Insurance Council


Created on 25 January 1995 by Ordinance 95-07, the National Insurance Council (CNA) is the advisory body of the public authorities in matters of insurance, regulation and market development.

Chaired by the Minister of Finance, the Council meets in assembly made up of representatives of the various parties involved in the insurance business

The National Council for insurance has established the following Standing Committees:

  • Commission Development and Organization of the Market (CDOM);
  • Legal Commission (CJ);
  • Underwriting and Advocacy Commission (CTDIA);
  • Accreditation Commission (CA).

The Council has a Permanent Secretariat created by Decree No95-339 to support its administrative, logistical and technical activities.

To fulfill its mission of technical support to the Council and its Commissions, the Permanent Secretariat has been constituted into a true specialized consultancy firm, endowed with the organization and the resources necessary to brew all the matter addressed by the Council.
Three operational divisions corresponding to the main themes targeted by the Commissions:

  • Development and Market Analysis Division;
  • Standardization and Prevention Division;
  • Information and Communication Division.

The Permanent Secretariat has other structures (administrative, accounting and financial).

On the digital front, the CNA has set up the national insurance portal ASSURAL (Insurance-Algeria), available on and a database centralized Statistical System (BDCS), available at Also, newsletters are periodically sent to many subscribers.

The Permanent Secretariat also supports, on behalf of the Board, a mission of information and permanent animation doubly oriented towards the insured and to the professionals of the insurance.

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